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I am a licensed psychologist and have been treating patients in private practice since 1992. I began my professional career as a professor at a graduate school, training counselors, and then chose to focus my skills on helping patients directly. Experience has shown me that as patients feel comfortable with the therapist they choose, they become more hopeful about therapy and have better outcomes.

I graduated with a doctoral degree in counseling psychology from the University of Florida,  a program accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). I also completed an APA accredited internship at the University of Illinois Counseling Center and a post-doctoral residency at  the University of Florida. I am a member of the American Psychological Association as well as the Florida Psychological Association.


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    Individual Counseling

    I view therapy as a partnership. You define the problems we work on, while I use specialized knowledge and skills to help you achieve your desired changes.

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    Couples Counseling

    I have over 20 years experience counseling couples of every age and length of relationship. I use a variety of approaches in my work with couples including solution-focused counseling and strategies.

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    I have successfully used self-hypnosis to treat many problems, including anxiety, stress, and low confidence.  I also use hypnosis to address many stress related illnesses.

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    Mindfulness is a state that can be cultivated in which one is acutely aware of one’s present experience and responds to this experience in a non-judgmental and non-reactive way.



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Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  all sessions will be held virtually until it becomes safer to meet face-to-face.

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